Emerich R Winkler Jr, President

Emerich has been in the technology industry since 1990. He brings to organizations and colleagues a wealth of technology and management expertise, gained from over 20 years working with Tier one companies. In the field he shows great leadership, excellent communication skills and long lasting relationships with other Tier one vendors. Emerich has consulted with many firms across Canada, USA, New Zealand and Eastern Europe in markets such as Government, Crown Corporations, Medical Science, Health, R&D, Education, Telecommunication, Aerospace, Entertainment, Construction, and Retail. He is known for choosing "best of breed" products to meet his clients’ business objectives on time and on budget. Emerich always takes the more personal approach and works one-on-one to build a professional long-term technology solution.

Margaret Flunkert, Vice President

Margaret graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) degree and a diploma in Internet Programming. Margaret manages all of the financial operations of NCS Network including vendor relations. She has been developing advanced websites using PHP, Perl, ASP & Java languages for over five years.

Michael G. Lamoureux, Ph.D. Chief Software Architect / Chief Research Scientist

Dr. Lamoureux graduated from University of New Brunswick with a Doctor of Philosophy (computer science) degree in 1999. Dr. Lamoureux is singularly qualified for the design, development, and implementation of advanced optimization models in logistical, supply chain, and operational domains. His unique background in both the academic and industrial domains allows him to make use of, and extend, new theoretical discoveries as they are published in the design of new models which he is then able to implement in software algorithms.

Craig MacMaster, Senior Designer and Creative Manager

Craig has over 14 years' experience as a designer working with large companies such as DaimlerChrysler, AMD and CSC. He possesses exceptional team and client management skills in critical collaborative contexts and has a lengthy history of success in achieving complex objectives within aggressive timelines. He provides NCS Network with an approach that is creative, articulate, analytical and client results oriented.

Sam Lam, Chief Programmer

Sam Lam graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science (computer science) degree in 1974 and a diploma in Business Administration (major in accounting) from the Red River Community College in 1976. He has been involved in the data processing industry since 1972. As chief programmer, Sam has diverse responsibilities that include scheduling the programming workload, acting as leader in an analysis project, conferring with customers to establish installation schedules, assigning work loads to engineering staff members (including himself). Sam also reviews work in progress to be certain that project schedules are being maintained.