In today's interconnected world, ecology and economics are linked like never before. High fuel prices and concerns about climate change are focusing attention on energy efficiency. Customers increasingly include green criteria when choosing products. The young, talented, eco-aware workforce of today -- the next generation of NCS employees -- wants to work for sustainable companies. This makes eco responsibility central to our success.

Eco responsibility means limiting environmental harm from our operations and the ways in which our products are made, used, and disposed of. But most of all, we're committed innovators dedicated to putting our skills, resources, and global contacts to work designing products and services that contribute to sustainable development. We're capitalizing on the environmental benefits of technology and engaging with others in our characteristically open and transparent way to tackle sustainability challenges worldwide. We encourage our employees to take responsibility and take action. Eco responsibility isn't one person's or one team's responsibility because at NCS Network, every job is an eco job.

Our actions are guided by 3 core principles:



By investing in innovation, we continue to use products that help meet the global demand for a cleaner, safer, more sustainable environment. For example, our focus on energy efficient servers and thin clients that can reduce data centre energy requirements by up to 60% and desktop energy requirements by up to 90%.



By reducing our consumption of energy, water, and natural materials, we reduce our environmental footprint, improve our business processes, save money, and create value for our stakeholders. We are up-to-date with the latest water-cooling and heat-redistribution technologies that reduce data centre energy consumption and recycle heat into other areas of operations.



By sharing what we learn with our customers, partners, competitors, and others interested in our progress toward greater eco responsibility, we encourage better cooperation and collaboration, which we believe is the path to success. We do what we can to reduce, reuse, and recycle and do whatever we can to educate our partners and customers on what they can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our Eco responsibility initiative is a strategy for reducing environmental harm while boosting the benefits of technology. It has four basic elements:


  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Align eco responsibility with business strategy to drive competitive advantage
  • Focus on the largest impacts on product energy consumption, facilities, and electronic waste .
  • Look for quick wins, even if the impact is small


Although there's always more to do, here at NCS, we're keeping up with the latest developments, constantly making progress, and continuing to learn and improve each and every day.